Our Services

Assistance for Renters:

Search thousands of short term rental properties offered by owners from throughout the United States and in other countries
Search criteria based on location, type of property, number of bedrooms and monthly rent
The ability to connect with property owners directly, to come to terms suitable to both parties

Services Property Owners:

Gain exposure to thousands of individuals searching for corporate rentals
The Corporate Housing Handbook procedures and helpful information to assist you in achieving success as a corporate rental landlord 
A free analysis of your property with a suggested starting point for determining an appropriate monthly rental

The Travelers We Serve:

Corporate Travelers – We serve those looking for temporary, furnished housing during corporate assignments and for various rental periods, price ranges, locations, number of bedrooms as well as amenities. Our property owners provide accommodations that are comfortable, ideal for a monthly stay and are generally less costly than a hotel or commercial extended stay facility.
Short Term Housing - You'll find move-in ready properties that will meet your individual or family needs when necessary, without the need of a long term commitment. The residential type settings of these properties are more welcoming, and more livable than a commercial establishment.
Insurance Claim Housing - When it becomes necessary to vacate your home in order to address an insurance related problem, a corporate rental is often the answer.  Advise your insurance representative of your desire to see what's available in a corporate rental, often a welcome sanctuary during this experience. You may be able to find a property close to replicating your home for the period you need occupancy.
Nurses and Medical Workers Housing - Assigned to a location away from home a corporate rental is often your best alternative for lodging. You can generally find properties located near your work with the amenities, configuration and terms that will work for you. This is an economical and practical way to find temporary furnished housing.
Dislocation Due to Construction - Major home modifications or the need for accommodations while waiting for your new home to be built can mean finding a temporary rental. Corporate housing can often be found in your area providing your family with the amenities they are accustomed to under terms that are both economical and flexible.